Sunday, March 18, 2012


Nelson and I went to Virginia recently to visit some family. Mike and Meg are always wonderful to visit, and it was great to meet Maggie and see how grown up Gwyn was! Maggie was born last April, and boy! Is she a happy girl! Gwyn was about 4 and a half, and the last time we saw her she was almost three, so she had sure grown up a lot in that time frame! It was a wonderful visit and I took some pictures of the girls while I was down there.

Here's Maggie:

Here's Gwyn, sitting nonchalantly at her picnic table.

So precious!


 If babies could look pensive, I think they would look like this:

Maggie makes the cutest faces!!

She's always smiling!

Gwyn at the beach with her dad and the dogs. She loves dogs.

Maggie, all smiles of course.

So Gwyn's favourite cartoon is Thundercats. She's really into the old-school version, not the remake that they've done recently. Her favourite character is Cheetarah. She loves loves Cheetarah. As much as she loves Cheetarah, she also loves pink. I'll give you one guess to the inspiration for this outfit:

Such an expressive baby!

Sisters. <3

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