Monday, May 27, 2013


Happy Memorial Day! I am seriously thankful for all those vets and soldiers who gave their lives and continue to risk their lives to protect our freedom. I have so much respect not only for the men and women in the military, but their families as well. It can be so hard for them and I am in awe and admiration of it all.

Well clearly it's been a while since I last posted. Over a year, geez!

It's been a busy year and I finally have the free time (and energy) to get this blog going again. I had an office job doing medical coding and billing that was very time consuming and left little time to put effort into photographing, exercising, and hub-time. My last day there was March 1st, and after some time off re-learning how to relax and not be a constant stress-ball, I am ready to get back into the groove.

I actually left the job because of a work injury I developed that just wouldn't heal as long as I kept doing data entry. It started last July in my right arm, thought it healed and then it came back with a vengeance in November in both arms. Because of this injury, for a long time I wasn't even able to use my camera. The position of my hands and arms and constantly pressing the shutter was really painful. Not to mention sitting at a computer editing - also very painful! It is nothing like that anymore. I can finally type without pain, yay! The computer I had for photo-editing died a couple months ago so that was kind of bittersweet ( yay, I can take pictures again! No, I can't edit them!). But I figure I will just concentrate on learning to take good pictures the first time around so I don't need to edit them. I think one of the laptops we have may have the specs needed for one of the smaller photo-editing programs, so we'll see. :) 

My favourite Vermont town, Middlebury, on a beautiful summer's day:

(This picture is on like, every Middlebury postcard anywhere. Totally iconic.)

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