Monday, June 3, 2013

Portfolio Building

I am looking to build up my portfolio and thus need volunteers to photograph!

I propose a trade:

1. I benefit because you let me expand my portfolio and try out some new things as I get back into photography after my healing hiatus.
2. You benefit because I give you all of the digital photographs, free of charge. They won't all be edited, but many will.

It's an exchange of time that benefits both parties. :)

Types of photography I would like to have the opportunity to build my portfolio in (of course, not limited to these categories):

1. Senior portraits
2. Children portraiture
3. Couple portraiture

As for travel, I am based in Rutland, VT. I am willing to travel as far north as Middlebury (not deviating too much from the route 7 area) and as far south as Ludlow. You can always come to Rutland, too. :)

***North Warren/Adirondackers Take Note!***

If anyone from the North Warren area is reading this, and you know someone who has senior portraits coming up, please pass along my name! I would travel to the Lake George/Brant Lake area if I had at least 3 senior portrait sessions lined up. If you like my work and refer customers, I will give you a discount for a future session (can be passed on to friends or family).

You can check here to see my portraiture work and also samples of some senior portraits I've done.

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