Monday, October 10, 2011

Senior Portraits: Charissa

Two weeks ago I went to the Adirondacks, in NY to take Charissa's senior pictures. I was concerned about the weather, as ALL forecasts were terribly pessimistic, but we went ahead with the session, and I am so glad we did! It started raining early, early in the morning and rained until 7 or 8 am, and then the sun came out just in time for the start of our session, around 1:00.

I have known Charissa since she was a little girl, so it was such a blast for me to see her all grown up and take her pictures. I had so much fun! Charissa loves the woods, softball, horses, and is going on to become a pastry chef after graduation, so we incorporated those things into her photographs.

We started off at a softball field to get some shots.

I love this picture (below) - poor Charissa had to hold the bat like a direct extension of her arm in order to get the shot! 

When I look at the pictures below, I think "Queen of the Field," or "This is my Turf." I love the attitude and presence about it.

Speaking of attitude, I LOVE the picture below! So fierce. A perfect game face. A perfect stance. "Bring it."

We took a couple pictures in the dugout. What a beautiful smile Charissa has!

We went up to Ridin' Hy, which is a local ranch. They have horses, a little ski hill, a lake, and cabins to stay in. We tried to take some pictures with the horses there, but they wouldn't cooperate, so we used the natural beauty of the area and got our horse pictures elsewhere.

I love these pictures with the parasol and the lake and mist rising of the mountains in the background. The post-storm environment was quite beautiful.

I love this one (below). Just beautiful - Charissa, the water, the mountains, the mist...

The picture below I think was my favourite. Definitely top 3 anyway. I don't think I could take a bad picture of Charissa if I tried. She is so beautiful and I loved capturing all of her different smiles.

We went to the Schultzes, where Charissa had worked, I believe, and we took some pictures of her with one of the horses there. I cannot recall his name right now, but he was absolutely gorgeous, and he was one of the nicest horses I've ever met. Not that I've met a lot of horses, but he was a lot calmer and less skittish than previous horses I've met.

The light on that day was really fun to play around with.

What a gorgeous smile!

My token artsy shots (below). Never can I resist the artsy shots.

I love this one!

Our last stop was a kitchen to get some baking shots.

Good luck, Charissa! I had such a great time taking your photos!

To see more of Charissa's senior portraits, click here and  here.


  1. Molly, Not only are you an amazing photographer, you have a beautiful way with words. You and Charissa did a wonderful job with the pictures, she's chosen a picture of her with "Krispy" the horse (the black & white one you posted on here) to be her portrait in the yearbook.

    We could not have gotten better portraits anywhere! You personalized them too her, which made her feel so special.

    Thanks again for doing her portraits. Senior Portraits are always special, but having you do her portraits made them even more special.

  2. Molly I wish my kids still had High School Portraits to be done! Beautiful! I will absolutely keep you in mind! Charissa is not only beautiful outside, but inside also! Love her!

  3. Kristina - Thank you so much! Your words are so kind. I am so happy that she felt the photos reflected her as a person - that is always my objective as a photographer.

    Barb - Thank you! Good to hear from you! Definitely keep me in mind - photography is my passion!