Friday, September 30, 2011

As You Like It

September has been a busy month for me! Wow!

So Labour Day Weekend I got to lay low and relax, which was very nice. Went for a hike, enjoyed my time...absolutely wonderful. Then the next weekend my husband and I went out to Boston to visit a couple of dear friends. We walked around Boston together and saw a play (As You Like It) that my friend did the costume design for. I really enjoyed our time there and my friend asked me to take pictures of the play, so I brought my tripod (one of the best inventions ever!) and took some photos for her.

Then the next weekend was the Tunbridge Fair, in Vermont (where I live). The Tunbridge Fair is one of the best fairs in Vermont. Even though we had to drive an extra hour to get there because of Irene washing away all the roads, it was totally worth it. It was my first fair Gluten Free, which wasn't as challenging or torturing as I thought it was going to be. I just remembered all the pain I go through when I ate those foods, and I was fine. The fried dough and pretzels had no sway over me! I What I do love, and I can enjoy plenty, is the Maple Shack. It is always amasing. I've had a lot of real maple syrup from different places, and I tell you, there is nothing like VT maple syrup. I can drink the fancy grade in shots. No joke. The maple creemees and maple shakes are so fantastic at the fair. Maple and cider are what I go to the fair for. My husband's personal favourites are the pretzels and eclairs. While at the fair, we met up with one of our friends there and hung out for a few hours before heading back home.

Then the next weekend Nelson and I went to the Adirondacks, in NY for a senior portrait session. We visited my family that lives in the Lake George area, as well. I had such a blast photographing the young lady, Charissa. I will be posting a blog later today or maybe tomorrow with some of her senior portraits. It's nice to finally have a Friday where I don't have to go anywhere! I am catching up on a LOT! 

Here are (quite a few!) pictures from As You Like It:

Great job Cara & Crew!

Here's a link to the rest of the photos:

And a link to (the wonderful costume designer)  Cara's website:


  1. You should post the AYLI pictures on here!

    and link me

    btw, the actors&crew were totally thrilled with these, I got heaps of wonderful comments that I should compile and email you.


  2. I was going to, but there are so many! I thought it would be better to link it so I could show all the pics. Well, I am going to update this weekend, so maybe I'll do an AYLI post. I linked you in the album I made on Picasa, which was linked to in this post. In my AYLI post I'll link you. So glad to hear everyone enjoyed the photos. I am excited for the next time we'll be able to get out to Boston and photograph another one of your costume decorating escapades!