Friday, September 9, 2011

Howard's Symphony

For my husband and I, Madison, CT is a special place for us. My husband, Nelson, has a lot of family down there and it's where he did a lot of his wooing. :)  We were down there last year in May to visit family. As watching the sun set at Hammonasset State Park is one of my favourite things to do, we stopped by while we were down there. Even better, this sunset happened to be on one of our anniversaries, so it was extra special. May 23rd was the day we became engaged. I call this post "Howard's Symphony," because this beautiful sunset was also on the anniversary of Nelson's Grandfather's death, and we've always felt that his spirit was there, guiding us together.

The weather became overcast and stormy, and I thought for sure that the sunset was going to be crappy.

Then, the sun broke through the clouds a little.

I love this one, with the sun descending from the clouds for its last burst of shine.

Under the blood red sun. 

This is my absolute favourite, though. I loved how the sky cleared up just long enough for a brilliant sunset. Truly I think it was part of Howard's spirit at work.


Twilight silhouettes.

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