Friday, September 16, 2011

Cara Mia: Portrait Session.

With mind, body, and spirit as beautiful as hers, it's only fitting that her name means "My Dear One."

I was in Boston visiting her and we went down to the Harbour for a photo-shoot.

I give you: Cara Mia.

I loved the light and shadow that was going on at that particular time of day. I think it was around noonish.

She has such a beautiful smile. I could photograph her for hours!

I think this one if my favourite. I love how the shadow falls exactly down the middle of her face. Half in light, half in darkness. 

I absolutely love this picture. Such attitude and confidence exuding from Cara as she saunters toward the camera.

...And this one, looking boldly at the camera, almost like a challenge...
I love working with Cara, because she has a natural way - almost a sixth sense -  of knowing exactly where to move and how to place herself for the picture to be absolutely perfect. She should be a model.

This is a perfect example of Cara's sixth sense. I was just taking a picture of the harbour and Cara snuck into it so perfectly. The result? A poignant picture that makes you feel like the person is looking pensively out to the sea, lost in thought.


  1. also, you're the only person on the planet who calls me cara mia.